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Voted most ethical beauty brand.

As recognised by APAC Business Awards 2019.

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4.7 (820+ reviews)

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I have used many brands from both low and high end companies but this one is my favourite, I love that it is free from so many nasty chemicals (10 free) and also that it's cruelty free and vegan friendly. I haven't experienced streakiness, the colours are beautiful and full and they last a fairly long time. I'm so, so glad I stumbled upon this great Australian company.

I’m so glad I found Kester Black, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get onto you amazing people! I have been enjoying getting creative with my nail colours and have been getting compliments on them.


I am absolutely in love with the quality of KB products - pure colour saturation with no dragging, super-fast delivery, and a customer service team who go above and beyond. Combined with their environmental, non-toxic ethos, Kester Black is, without doubt, my fave nail company!


The best nail polish ever! My nails look like they’ve stepped out of a spa date! Amazing fast delivery and oh my such beautiful packaging. Thank you for doing what you do!!


I'm in love with this lipstick. It's everything it promised to be - bright, long lasting, non-drying. I've not really had another lippy that comes close... Also kudos for using such diverse models, gave me so much better an idea of how it would look on my skin tone!


I love the colours and how good they are. The colours are nice and thick so 2 coats your done. I also love the fact they are cruelty free. Love my collection of Kester Black xxxx


I love how the products dry so quickly and last so long. The reason why I started shopping at kester black is that the products are environmentally friendly and you can choose which charity to raise money. I will definitely continue shopping here.



Thanks for being animal cruelty free and vegan! I ordered three nail polish products about three weeks ago and got them 1 day earlier than the estimated delivery! Extremely happy with the packaging and colours. The handwritten note was nice to find in the box as well. I have tried all three and love them. The top coat is amazing (I can literally see my reflection!) Thanks for being animal cruelty free and vegan!

As a long term Kester Black buyer, who also supports a number of charities, I'd just like to pass on how lovely it is to see a brand you love and recommend all the time‚ for their product and ethics‚ taking it a step further and supporting charities in such a significant and overt way. Even more reason to share the love!! Thank you!


I've been a huge fan since the beginning. It's hard to keep my paws of your beautiful polishes! In fact I was just thinking to myself after my last purchase.. Hello, my name is Valerie, and I'm addicted to Kester Black. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product that polish lovers like me are happy to be obsessed over.


Your wonderful nail polishes add such a fun touch of playful glamour to life and the whole 10-free thing is a very big deal to me. This was a gift for my daughter who is soon to be turning 11 and she loves painting her nails!! Thank you so much for for making it possible for us to have fabulous Eco friendly sparkly nails! It's a pleasure to be able to support Kester Black!


It’s not easy getting a good product together, from its great ingredients to its mixture to its packaging and sending out to the customer! The end results just makes you appreciate it and say god bless your team and yourselves soul for doing what you do!


I have an enormous collection of these amazing nail polishes in a variety of colours. I love the fact the nail polish has no nasties, vegan, cruelty free, carbon neutral, certified organic ingredients and that $1 is donated from each purchase. To add to this the colours are amazing! Thank you Kester Black love love love your work!


This lipstick is incredible, I carry it in my bag every day now and it's my new go-to! I wore this for around 8-9hrs on a night out, and it survived despite copious food and drinks. Stayed super comfortable / moisturising, didn't smudge, and the colour was still very even at the end of the night! I would highly recommend this to anyone, put it on and forget about it — you can just trust it to look good all night.