Glitter nail art tutorial.

Nov 28 2017

Hard to get wrong, but so easy to get just right. We've put together a tutorial on how to bank the best glitter mani you cani.

Step by step: Glitter nail art tutorial

Step 1. File your nails to your desired nail shape. Apply Kester Black nail cleanser to a cotton pad and swipe over each nail to remove oily residue.

Step 2. Glide a coat of Bleu over each fingernail, coating the surface from base to tip. Let dry for 5 minutes and then repeat the process for a second coat.

Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Step 3. Using a thin brush, paint a semi circle on the bottom of each nail with a coat of Comet. Allow to dry for five minutes before applying a second coat to cover any sparse areas.

Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Step 4. Seal your colour with one coat of our Top Coat. Allow to dry for another 5 minutes. Finally, apply one coat of Kester Black Cuticle Oil over your cuticles to ensure your nail stay healthy and happy!

Glitter Nail Art Tutorial