Water based nail polish remover is here!

Feb 11 2015

In an attempt to maintain happy hands all over the world, we have released a kind alternative to the harsh nail polish removers that currently saturate the beauty market.

Introducing our first ever water based nail polish remover!

Our shiny new water based nail polish remover contains moisturising aloe vera and nourishing vitamin e, to soften the skin and strengthen the nails while removing colour.

This glorious product is enriched with a refreshingly unique white peach fragrance, meaning that nail enthusiasts everywhere can wave farewell to the toxic scent of generic removers and embrace this product with open arms (and nostrils).

The water based nail polish remover is acetone and acetate free, non-flammable and has a significantly longer evaporation period! Like all Kester Black products, it is Australian made and Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), Cruelty Free International and Vegan Society accredited.

Available at our online shop and at selected stockists across Australia and NZ for the RRP of $20.