Travelling to the Azores: Where the locals go

You might think it hard to find the perfect place where the thrill seekers, adventurers, eco-conscious travellers and low-key stress heads go to unwind. Glad to say, we found it for you.
Cuba’s old world charm

There’s no denying the wave of globalisation overshadowing your own hometown, or even when searching for ‘untouched places to travel’ on Google, the list slowly wanes each time. The destination that is presumed to descend from this list is the colourful and vibrant, Cuba.

This French island is a visual feast of pastel cottages perched on dusty cliff faces and quaint fishing boats floating on radiant blue water.
Travel to Menorca

On an island somewhere in the Mediterranean the sun is shining, the waters clear and the Mahon gin flows like wine. The place of which we speak is the smallest of the Balearic Islands of Spain, Menorca
Travel to Marfa, Texas

Pioneered by New York minimalist artist Donald Judd in the 1980’s Marfa has emerged out of complete obscurity to become a curious creative oasis in the middle of the West Texas desert.

Natural beauty is in abundance in the state of Oregon and Portland is no exception.
Travel to Bordeaux

Puis-je avoir du vin, s'il vous plaît? (A.K.A: "Can I have the wine, pretty please?!")
Travel to Iceland

The volcanic grounds and warm lagoons are nothing short of magical, and a must see for all northern-world travellers.
Travel to Stockholm

If you're wondering why this travel post features an image of scrumptious cinnamon swirls, then you've clearly never tried Kanelbullar; arguably the most delightful swedish product ever introduced to the rest of the word (and my mouth).
Travel to Someplace Snowy

Travel to someplace snowy... why? Because you'll feel as though you've entered another universe, and sometimes that's exactly what we need.