Barbie Nail Polish Review

Who could have imagined all of your pink childhood fantasies could be bottled up in a nail polish. Our brazen pink shade, Barbie, has been sweetly indulged by our favourite Italian blogger, Habanero aka Angelina Cappadonna.
The Birthday Suit Collection Review

Kester Black and Trophy Wife are back at it again with the collabs, joining forces to create the Birthday Suit collection; six nude shades that'll get you in the mood to strip down and treat yo'self.
2016 Summer Colour Review Pt. II

It's hot. Check out our latest range of colours just in time for your most colourful season yet. Our latest Summer 2016 range reviewed by Like a Vegan.
Liquid Hand & Body Wash Review

The scent is definitely present but not overwhelming and lingers on the skin to leave you smelling fresh AF even after you’ve rinsed and dried off.
Part 2, 2015 Colour Review

Now, I haven't worn blue nail polish since high school but this shade of blue is one I can totally get behind.
Poppy, Buttercream and Top & Base Review

Late last year, during our time in Melbourne, we discovered Kester Black, an amazing company producing stunning nail polishes that are vegan, cruelty-free and 5-free.
Part 1, 2015 Colour Review

Finally! Kester Black have dropped the first of their annual colour collection for 2015. In perfect autumn/winter hues, there’s got to be at least one of the four new colours to suit everyone.
Sky & Bubblegum Review

I like my 5-free vegan cruelty-free mint nail polish. And if I there was ever an award for best packaging design in nail polish, Kester Black wins my vote.
Water Based Remover Review

Nail polish remover is basically a necessary evil but Kester Black has flipped that notion on its head with their latest offering