Gifts for the nail obsessed this Christmas

We’ve comprised a Christmas gift guide that complies with all budgets and includes all our favourite products as single items as well as apart of gift sets perfect for stocking fillers, colour lovers and of course, the nail obsessed!  
July 2016 Roundup

This month we introduced some awesome new products to the Kester Black collection. Our new Nail Polish Remover bottle with an inbuilt sponge has made polish removal an absolute breeze and our Water Based Remover Wipes are the travellers best friend.
March 2016 Roundup

This month saw Kester Black launch not one but two brand new product collections! To say it's been busy would be a huge understatement.
February 2016 Roundup

February is one of the best months for us. Mainly because of all the office birthdays, but also because it's a month of conversation, creativity and preparation.
December 2015 Roundup

December. It's hard to believe that we're posting the December roundup, and it's the end of 2015... and that Santa's almost here again. So much disbelief and so much excitement.
June 2015 Roundup

June is about... food. So much of it. All of it, in fact. Colder temperatures have us looking for and thinking about tasty treats here there and everywhere.
May 2015 Roundup

To say that May has been a busy month for us would be a huge understatement, so instead, we just featured an image of a huge yellow ball that struggles to fit through a tiny space.
April Roundup

The past 30 or so days have given us lots and lots to be thankful for. Life is lovely, now go spread those good vibes!
March 2015 Roundup

It's always a challenge deciding colours and colour names, but for us, colour inspo' comes from the most unexpected of things.