B Corp
Why are we a B Corp?

We love that we are setting the bar high for an industry that needs to do better.
animal testing
China’s animal testing laws

China remains one of the few countries in the world that still tests on animals. But in recent years (2014 to be specific) China has implemented new laws when it comes to animal testing.
Kester Black Supports: ettitude

ettitude is an organic and socially aware bedding company based in Melbourne, Australia. The sheets are made with bamboo - a natural resource that's great for the planet.
Taking a moment: the meditative quality of doing nothing

We live in a world where so much is happening every second of the day. Whether we're receiving a text message, struggling to concentrate at work or personal events in our lives - it's very easy to loose sight of the purpose of living.
Come & say hi!

We’re participating in the Big Design Market again this year and we’re sooo excited!