Kester Black vegan nail polish
What is Vegan Nail Polish, Exactly?

Firstly, vegan nail polish doesn’t contain any animal derived products. Secondly, it hasn’t been tested on animals. Basically, no animals will have suffered in the process of creating the polish and getting it to your fingertips.
Benefits of water permeable nail polish

For most of your life, lacquer-based nail polishes were the only products on the market. Since introducing water permeable nail polish, we're pretty sure you won't go back.
Beauty Brands – Who owns who?

You might be surprised to find some of your favourite luxe brands also share the same labs as your favourite drugstore brands. Read about who owns who in the beauty industry.
The only nail care regimen you need

We've all seen what long-term effects primping and painting our nails can do over time. So, we've compiled our top tips on how to care for your nails, so they look runway ready each and every time.
What is Triple Milled Soap?

Ever wondered what’s so fancy about triple milled soap? We’ve done our research and got the facts for you on what makes triple milled soaps worth the extra investment.