tips for strong nails
7 tips for strong nails

Strong nails are healthy nails. While this makes total sense, for some reason nail health remains a bit of a mystery. Here’s 7 tips that won’t crack, peel, or break on you.
red and blue nail polish
How to style your Rouge and Bleu

These primary colour beauties are so very classic that you could easily wear them as they are for a signature, single-colour winter style.
What is Triple Milled Soap?

Ever wondered what’s so fancy about triple milled soap? We’ve done our research and got the facts for you on what makes triple milled soaps worth the extra investment.
Kester Black believes ‘The Future Is Female’

It only seems fitting to launch our final colour of 2016, 'The Future Is Female'. The key inspiration behind the light pastel pink shade was born from the integrity, spirit and power of strong women from all across the globe.
Coloured Lashes

Now spring is in full swing its time high time to explore some brighter colours in your make up. For a fun twist why not be bold and play with some coloured mascara?
2016 Summer Colour Review Pt. II

It's hot. Check out our latest range of colours just in time for your most colourful season yet. Our latest Summer 2016 range reviewed by Like a Vegan.
Health Tips For Healthy Nails

We love to file them, paint them and embellish them with glitter but we often over look some of the fundamentals when it comes to caring for our nails. Here are some basic tips for getting your nail health in order.
Top Knot Revisited

It's about time we reclaimed the top knot, and stole it back from the hipsters!