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The only nail care regimen you need

10 September, 2019 4 min read

Au revoir, brittle nails. We've compiled our top tips on how to care for your nails, so they look runway ready each and every time.

Nail care is the future (of your perfect mani)

Nail care is the basis of an amazing manicure. But our understanding of even basic nail care is often stuck in the past.

It’s time to drop the old wives tales (sorry, mum), update and get clear. Healthy nails are easy to achieve, and even easier to flaunt.

Here’s 10 nail care tips that won’t crack, peel, or break on you.

Nail care 101

Don’t bite your nails

Did we really need to say that? It weakens and cracks your fresh manicure and wastes all that time and effort. So, lay off. Nails don’t taste that great anyway.


Hand washing. Dish washing. Showers. You know, daily activities. They’re basically nail enemies. They strip out the natural oils and leave your nails prone to breakage, splitting, peeling, and cracking. So fun. A simple moisturising routine will easily replace the natural oils and moisture you lose on the daily. Use a quality cuticle oil, like our Self Love Oil, at least twice a week. We find it easiest to apply before bed for it to really take effect.

When you're in between manicures, or if your nails really need some TLC, our award-winning Rest & Repair Wonder Mask really ramps things up. It's packed with a dreamy concoction of botanicals and bioactive, that smell good enough to eat (but please don't). Not only that, it helps repair, regenerate and hydrate your nails while you sleep!

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Reconsider the length

If you find your nails are still cracking along the edges, it may be time to reconsider the length. Long nails are divas. They don’t ‘do’ dishes, darling. An active daily routine is going to stress them out and you’ll get cracks. If you like doing things, it’s best to trim and shape your nails weekly to keep them looking flawless.

Use top coat

A good top coat seals in your colour and prevents chipping and breakage. Make sure to completely cover the tips of your nails. That way your mani is completely sealed and your colour protected.

Use base coat

The other secret weapon in your nail care arsenal is base coat. It’s essentially double-sided sticky tape for your nails. It adheres to your natural nail bed far better than polish does. It also binds better with your polish. The end result is a longer lasting manicure.

And just in case improving your manicure wasn't enough, we decided to make a base coat that would improve your nail health too. Enter, Miracle Treatment Base Coat. Containing moisturising oils and brightening pearls for an oh-so-natural shine, along with organic cherry blossom, botanicals and vitamins, even Mother Nature can get her nails done.

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Don’t use rough emery boards

And never, ever use metal files or clippers. Emery boards that are too rough will cause small cracks in your nails that will lead to splits and breakage. To maintain healthy nails, use 180 to 240 grit emery boards. They will take off the length and allow shaping without destroying your nails. When filing your nails, go slowly and evenly and file in one direction rather than sawing at them.

Don’t cut your cuticles

Your cuticles are critical for nail health. Keep them intact. They are Nature’s way of protecting your nails from infection. If you break this amazing barrier your cuticles can easily become inflamed and ragged. At the very least this is going to bring down the tone of your manicure. At worst, you could end up with the kind of infection that permanently damages your nails.

Wear gloves

Harsh detergents strip your nails. Daily activities, like cleaning and gardening, put them in serious risk of breakage. Before you give up cleaning your house, try wearing gloves. It should do the trick just fine.

Read the labels

Your standard nail polish contains some seriously toxic chemicals. But you don’t have to put your health second to beauty. Look for the 10-free label on your nail polishes. This means they are free of the 10 most toxic chemicals found in normal nail polish. It might be time to mention that all Kester Black polishes are 10-free...just saying.

Eat well

Your body builds, nourishes and maintains your nails via blood flow to the nail bed. So the only way for your nails to receive strengthening nutrients is from nutrient-rich blood. A healthy diet leads to healthy, supple nails. Eat a well-balanced plant-based diet full of colourful vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. You’ll start to see the difference in one to two months, as your nails grow out.

Bonus tip?

Always keep a soft file, cuticle oil, top/base coat, and hand cream either in your office drawer, bathroom cabinet, or makeup bag. An investment in the right tools will go a long, long way. Au revoir, monster claws.

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