What is animal testing and why is it still used?

Wednesday 1 Nov 2017
animal testing

Animal testing, also known as animal experimentation, is a huge issue that is ongoing in our world today. There are many breaches of rules and regulations as to what constitutes as ethical and what does not.

What exactly is animal testing/animal experimentation?

It’s a scientific experiment or test which involves a live animal. A large percentage of these experiments force animals to undergo pain, distress and suffering.
Cruelty Free International states that animals used in laboratories are deliberately harmed, not for their own good, and are usually killed at the end of the experiment.

The latest available statistics show that approximately 9.9 million animals were used in research and teaching in Australia in 2015. However, during the 2016 Election campaign, the Australian Government committed to introduce a ban on cosmetic testing on animals. Which is a huge win for us!

Why is animal testing still used?

By law, new ingredients that are used in cosmetic products have to undergo a range of tests to ensure that the product is safe to use for humans.

These products include: makeup and skin-care products as well as soaps, shower gels, deodorants, shampoos, toothpastes, some sunscreens and similar products.
The tests also need to examine whether or not ingredients cause allergies, and if repeated use can be damaging to human health over time.

However, animal testing does not have to be carried out as a large proportion of companies have already conducted valuable research and have proven that their ingredients are considered safe for human use. Therefore, there is no need to test new products on animals.

According to PETA, companies test on animals to defend themselves in court if a customer sues due to being injured by their product/products.

To fully avoid buying into companies that regularly test on animals for no ethical or informative reason buy from companies that follow a ‘cruelty free’ policy.

Kester Black is accredited by Cruelty Free Australia, Cruelty free International and is Certified Vegan.

Our products have not and will never be tested on animals or include any ingredients, manufacturing or supplier methods that have any sort of affiliation with animals.


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