A spring nail art tutorial, ya'll!

Sep 22 2017

Seeyalaydah winter, it's finally springtime and we're celebrating with a burst of fresh nail colour.

Spring Nail Art

You will need cotton pads, Kester Black Nail Cleanser, Kester Black The Future is Female, Kester Black Greenery, and our Top Coat and Kester Black Almond Cuticle Oil.

Step 1. File your nails to your desired nail shape. Apply Kester Black nail cleanser to a cotton pad a wipe over each nail to remove oily residue.

Step 2. Glide a coat of The Future is Female over each fingernail, coating the surface from base to tip. Let dry for 5 minutes and then repeat the process for a second coat.

Spring nail art tutorial

Step 3. Change the colour to Greenery and use a thin brush, paint a triangle outline at the base of each nail. The triangle apex should reach about a third of the way up the nail and be centred in the middle.

Spring nail art tutorial

Step 4. Fill in the triangle outline with a coat of Greenery. Allow to dry for five minutes before applying a second coat to cover any streaks.

Spring nail art tutorial

Step 5. Seal your colour with one coat of our Top Coat. Make sure to cover the tips of the nails to protect your new mani from chipping. Allow to dry for another 5 minutes. Finally, apply one coat of Kester Black Almond Cuticle Oil over your cuticles to ensure your nail stay healthy and happy!

Spring nail art tutorial