Beach waves: a nail art tutorial.

Feb 07 2018

It's 100% Summer vibes with this Kester Black nail art tutorial inspired by the waves of the ocean and beach shores during the summer months.

You will need cotton pads, Kester Black Nail Cleanser, Kester Black Buttercream, Kester Black Terrarium, our Top Coat and Kester Black Almond Cuticle Oil.

Step by step nail art tutorial

Step 1. File your nails to your desired nail shape. Apply Kester Black nail cleanser to a cotton pad. Wipe over each nail to remove any oily residue.

Step 2. Glide a coat of Buttercream over each fingernail, coating the surface from base to tip. Let dry for 5 minutes and then repeat the process for a second coat.

Nail Art Tutorial

Step 3. Using a thin brush, paint a small curve on each nail with Terrarium. Allow to dry for five minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Nail Art Tutorial

Step 4. Using a thin brush again, go over the curve you drew by slightly extending the width and filling in any blank areas.

Nail Art Tutorial

Step 5. Seal in your nail art with one coat of our Top Coat. Allow to dry for another 5 minutes. Finally, apply one coat of Kester Black Cuticle Oil over your cuticles to ensure your nails stay healthy and happy!

Nail Art Tutorial