The story behind the name ‘Kester Black’

Wednesday 14 Dec 2016

Ever wondered where the unusual name Kester Black came from? It was inspired by an idyllic faraway bay in New Zealand of course! Kester Black founder and director, Anna Ross, was out boating with friends and family one day in the Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand’s South Island when they discovered beautiful St Kester Bay.


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Across the bay was a solitary house, inaccessible by road and completely off the grid. Anna later learned was owned by a priest (hence the choice of the colour black). “I just think that place is the pinnacle of New Zealand beauty and I wanted my business name to have a tie with where I come from.” says Anna. Pristine, unique and full of colour St Kester Bay is the perfect namesake for a brand devoted to beautiful design and uncompromising ethical principles.



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