Speaking with Nail Artist, Eichi Matsunaga

Wednesday 5 Apr 2017

It’s not often we come across an artist with a similar aesthetic to Kester Black, but when we do we’ll travel the world to visit them. Eichi Matsunaga is just one of the many amazing nail artist we adore. Currently in between two cities, Tokyo and New York, we catch up with the famous nail artist who has created a name for himself on an international scale. Eichi Matsunaga has worked on a range of advertisements and photo shoots for brands such as Vogue Japan, House of Holland, OPENING CEREMONY, UNIQLO, Reebok, Shiseido and more.

Where did your interest in nail art stem from?
Growing up, I didn’t have any experience with nail art. It wasn’t until after I finished school and started working with my sister, who was a nail artist, that I became interested in nail art.

Where do you draw inspiration from when styling your photo shoots?
My work comes from my imagination, which draws inspiration from film and the work of abstract artists and designers, both old and new.

What did you study at university and how did you get into nail art?
I started going to a professional nail school after high school and worked at a nail salon after my sister had introduced me to nail art.

Where do you travel for your work and what kind of projects are you working on now?
I have worked in both Tokyo and New York. I have several upcoming photo shoots for magazines and am preparing for a fashion show during Tokyo Fashion Week later this year, but my biggest personal project right now is moving to NYC.

Who would your dream collaboration be with and why?
I would truly love to work with anyone who shares my tastes and my passion for innovation.

Have you got any tips for someone looking to begin nail artistry?
My advice is simple, express yourself. Make nails that you want to make.

Do you have a go-to/favourite nail polish colour?
I use so many different colors that it’s virtually impossible for me to choose a favourite!

What new technology or innovations in nail polish have you tried and has there been anything recently?
There one a few new techniques and technologies I’ve been looking into, but I don’t want to mention them until I’ve had a chance to fully explore them.  I’m really interested in nail polish that has a strong reflective and translucent effect. My hope is that innovative new types of nail polish will inspire people to try new styles and express themselves.

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