Your perfect nail colour is written in the stars.

Jan 09 2019

We can’t tell you what the future has in store, but we can tell you the perfect nail polish colour to match your Zodiac sign.

Zodiac nail colours

Who hasn’t flipped to the back pages of a magazine to sneak a peek at their horoscope for the week, or screencapped and reposted a Zodiac-themed Instagram story with the simple-but-effective caption “ME.”? Let’s face it: whether it’s a fresh start, compatible companionship, or new career prospects on the horizon, we all want to know what the future holds.

At Kester Black, we’re big on balancing this natural curiosity with belief in the power of surprise and the allure of the unknown. While we know that some things are better left a mystery until the right time comes, we also understand that for others you just gotta know and that the right time is right now. That’s why we’ve consulted the stars for you and compiled this handy guide to the perfect nail colours according to your Zodiac sign.

Zodiac Nail Colours

Aries - Rouge

You’re daring, courageous, and proud, so why should your nail polish be any different? The exact same shade as red-hot Mars, Rouge is not for the faint of heart. Add a little passion and intrigue to your new year with this hue - not that you need the extra dose, being an Aries and all.

Taurus - Impeachment

Others may say “stubborn”, but we say “persistent”. Just like you, Impeachment insists on doing things its own way, marching to the offbeat of its own drum with strength, sensitivity, and style to boot. It’s a mellow shade of perfectly peachy, just like everything coming up on your horizon.

Gemini - Blossom

According to Zodiac folklore, you love being part of dynamic duos and are constantly on the lookout for your other half. Well, look no further! What better match for the clever, quick-witted Gemini than this pastel pink? Blush-tinted Blossom brings a hint of the floaty ethereal to the everyday, and is ideal for the grounded gal who’s always on the move.

Cancer - Soot

The poster girls for “it’s complicated”, Cancers hide their sensitive and introspective nature beneath a cool exterior - just like Soot, which at first glance can look like little more than a gloomy shade of grey. But look closer and you’ll see flashes of softness and light in its surface, hints of its hidden depths. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Zodiac nail colours

Leo - Frizzy Logic

No, not that Leo. Close, though: just like everyone’s favourite 90’s heartthrob, you love to be the centre of attention and lap up the limelight like a thirsty lioness. It’s only fitting that your colour match is Frizzy Logic, our slick shade of metallic gold that will have all eyes on you wherever you go.

Libra - Luna

You love beauty, harmony, and peace, so it’s only natural that Luna is the one for you. As soothing as it is chic, this dreamy lilac strikes the perfect balance between timeless and contemporary and is sure to help you find both strength and Zen for the year to come.

Capricorn - Black Diamonds

A little bit luxe, a little bit spacey, Black Diamonds is the perfect foil for the firmly grounded, hard-working Capricorn. Offsetting a deep, black base tone with spangles of glittering light, this holographic nail polish hints at the exciting, and seemingly infinite, possibilities that lie ahead if we were only to open our eyes and look for them.

Scorpio - Cherry Pie

The other red on our Zodiac calendar of perfect nails, Cherry Pie is the classic bombshell: dynamic, passionate, and more than a little magnetic. Bring these qualities to life and you get the archetypal Scorpio, a headstrong lady with more than her fair share of originality and intelligence. Pair with killer heels and the confidence that you’ll always get what you want.

Pisces - Bleu

As beautiful and unfathomable as the deep blue sea, Bleu is the sophisticated older sister of navy blues (Bleu is French and therefore fancier than other blues, you see). Understated and hardworking, this shade is a reliable go-to that will pull more than its weight in your outfit, making it ideal for the generous, selfless Pisces who just wants to put her feet up.

Aquarius - Aquarius

When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars… you guessed it, it’s the Age of Aquarius. The only Zodiac sign to have a Kester Black polish named in its honour, Aquarius is full of playful ambiguity. Is it blue? Is it purple? Does it matter, when you’ve got a colour this rich, vivid, and completely unique? We don’t think so.

Virgo - Bubblegum

Get in touch with Mother Nature or the pastel-perfect 60’s dream version of yourself: your pick. Whichever you choose, Bubblegum is your cool mint green companion, adding a tang of freshness to your classic, practical sensibility.

Sagittarius - Forget Me Not

A mostly clear blue sky with a hint of cloud cover, Forget Me Not is the nail polish equivalent of the realistic - but nonetheless optimistic - Sagittarius. A wardrobe staple that has endured throughout the years with good reason, this pale cornflower blue is the colour of contemplation, new beginnings, and seeing things with fresh new eyes.