Vegan Cosmetics. What are you waiting for?

Nov 01 2018

Are you trying to transition your cosmetics and body products to ethical brands and get rid of the guilt that goes with buying non vegan cosmetics? Then boy do we have the blog post for you!

Vegan Cosmetics

We’re proud to be vegan and cruelty free. Because to be frank, testing on animals and using animal products to make you beautiful seems pretty archaic. So we've done a little investigating to bring you a whole treasure trove of vegan cosmetics and beauty brands. We're gonna hold your hand and take you through our best of list. Let's go.

The vegan cosmetics brands on our brains & bodies

vegan cosmetics

Aesop - Lo and behold at the top of the list is Aesop. We freakin' love Aesop. Their products are gentle, trustworthy and they don't test on animals, Hooray! They talk nature meets science and to be honest, we're buying it.

Vegan cosmetics

Inika - They strike the duo of not only vegan cosmetics but Inika also use organic ingredients. They use the best natural ingredients, boasting everything from tamanu oil to green tea extract. Inika are at the forefront of the vegan cosmetics revolution and we are stoked to be by their side.

vegan cosmetics

Rahua - The mother of all ethical hair care meet Rahua, Rahua meet our lovely blog readers. To put it simply Rahua takes the most nourishing ingredients from the rainforest (sustainably of course) and bottles it for you to use on your hair, keeping it healthy and luscious.

vegan cosmetics

Grown Alchemist - Taking on a more holistic and scientific approach to vegan cosmetics and body products. Their products are minimal in design but maximum in effect. They really are the boss when it comes to skin health and rejuvenation. If you're after skin cleansing and detoxing Grown Alchemist is your new religion. You can thank us later.

vegan cosmetics

Sodashi - With a focus on enhancing your natural beauty, Sodashi take natural skincare very seriously. A rain melody is played in the laboratory to cleanse the space where the treatments are made. Now whether that’s your thing or not is up to you. Rituals aside, their ingredients list is darn impressive. Although you might need the rain music when you see the prices though!

vegan cosmetics

Herbivore - Like the name implies Herbivore is 100% made from the earth. We say earth because the ingredients are sourced from not only plants but from vitamins and minerals too. From Quartz rollers to Illuminating body oil you'll be prancing around with a whole new Herbivore beauty routine in no time.

vegan cosmetics

Natio - These guys are OG when it comes to natural ingredients and vegan cosmetics. Nation have been creating vegan cosmetics for the past 25 years! Yep. You heard right. Natio also embraced the art of aromatherapy if you're into that. And if your wondering we totally are.

vegan cosmetics

Kora - Mirand Kerr’s line of skincare is all the things you’d expect of our homegrown hero; vegan and 100% organic. With a never ending list of products available, Kora is a one stop shop if you're looking to start a fresh with ethical skincare. It helps that the products are all really pretty too. I mean who doesn't want a love heart made of quartz.

These 8 brands are just the tip of the ice-burg when it comes to vegan cosmetics and ethical beauty. In the beginning it may seems like a daunting change to tip your beauty regime on it's head and start again. But soon enough it will feel like the best thing you ever did - Promise.

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