New moon, new you. Introducing Aquarius & Luna.

Jan 23 2018

The stars align in our Fortune Teller range.

There’s something magical about a new moon. In this rare moment, the Earth, sun and moon align, placing the earth right in the middle. This causes a shadow casted on a full moon, making it completely black and invisible.

Our Fortune Teller range is inspired by this eerie shifting of the light. We are all about it!

Introducing Aquarius and Luna - we can't believe our starry starry eyes.

Luna casts a spell that captures your imagination. This soft, delicate lilac transcends reality and lands flush on the Milky Way.

The age of Aquarius dawns with this cornflower blue nail polish that’s perfect for all those humanitarian, independent, unique water signs out there.

Both Aquarius and Luna are water permeable, breathable and 10-Free™.

Our water permeable, breathable nail polishes are high-shine, chip-resistant and follow the 10-Free™ brand, providing a long-lasting manicure as kind to your nails as it is to the planet.

The Fortune Teller range is accompanied by mysterious and magical campaign imagery, shot by Adrian Grasso and styled with a Kester Black twist by Nat Turnbull.

Luna and Aquarius will be available for purchase at and from selected stockists for the RRP of $20 from January 23rd.