This season, we’ve taken a shine to metallic nails.

Jan 23 2019

Why we’re skipping the semi-precious metals and going straight for gold, silver and bronze - and how you can, too.

Metallic nails chrome nails

We’re not shy to admit it: we’ve got a weakness for shiny things. From the rich lustre of gold and bronze to the eye-catching glimmer of silver and chrome, we love it all. And we’re not the only ones. Runways and red carpets are increasingly gilded with metallics in all forms; think sparkly eyeshadow, diaphanous gowns bedecked with glittering embellishments, slinky reflective textiles and sequins in growing (though nonetheless tasteful) quantities. While we’re drawing major inspiration from all of this, subtlety is still one of our strongest suits and we’re keen on translating this high-drama trend into something a little more low-key, but still high-impact.

In other words, if you’re Spinning Around trying to work out how to channel Kylie’s signature gold hot pants (That shine! That sass! That glamour!) in your everyday, you’re going to want to read on for our pick of metallic nail ideas for this season.

Black Diamonds

Proof that black doesn’t have to be boring and that when it comes to style “moody” is basically a synonym of “mysterious”, Black Diamonds adds an unexpected darker dimension to the otherwise upbeat metallic nail trend. A deep, dark shade of true black, this metallic polish glimmers with a cosmic dusting of tiny flecks that change colour with every shift in light and movement. It’s the perfect accompaniment for the woman who knows that some of life’s most exciting things lie on the Dark Side of the Moon.


Pearlescent and a little bit peachy, Champagne ticks the boxes for two major trends in one fell stroke: metallic nails and minimalist luxe. A full-bodied polish that blends a rich gold base with a swirl of warm, glittering bronze, Champagne takes luxury basics to the next level of subtle glamour. Pair with sensible heels and your favourite flowy dress for a dose of low-key chicness or mix and match with your work clothes to bring a little reminder of the party to your everyday 9 to 5.


As far as we’re concerned, copper tones should be enjoyed all year round. In summer we like them in the form of a healthy, glowing tan, and in the cooler months, we get our fix through hardware-inspired jewellery and tough accessories that swap steel for softer metals. For something a little more perennial copper-hued nails are our pick, preferably by way of Dasher. Our answer to the undying rose gold trend, this sparkly shade is bold, bright, and beautiful: a true inspiration to us all.


We’re not just hoping that metallic nails will have greater longevity than a shooting star - we’re wishing for it on a Comet. Foolproof, right? For those who prefer their glitter intergalactic and ever-shifting, allow us to introduce this holographic polish that marries a silvery base with a shower of multi-coloured sparkle. Part disco vibes, part interstellar wonder, it’s the high octane wonder that will have people looking at each other in your wake and asking, ‘Did you see that?’