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Luscious lips and flawless tips come stylishly wrapped by Beci Orpin.

products - November 20, 2019

Spread a little Christmas magic with our limited edition liquid lipstick and matching nail polish gift sets, complete with complimentary gift-wrapping designed by Beci Orpin.

Limited edition lipstick and exclusive matching nail polish gift sets

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent the last 8-months spotting ‘great gift ideas’ for mates, then drawn a blank as soon as November’s ticked over. In anticipation of this festive fugue, we’ve doubled-down with a limited edition gift set to satisfy even the most fickle of friends. And to make it even more special, this year we’ve collaborated with legendary, local designer Beci Orpin to wrap your gifts in style.

This isn’t our first Kester Black x Beci Orpin collaboration, but it might just be our prettiest yet. We teamed up with the Melbourne illustrator to create the ultimate Christmas prezzie for beauty lovers all over. Using soy-inks, recycled stock and boxes, we’ve created a gift that’s sure to be the cutest (and the kindest) under the tree this year. Kester Black founder Anna Ross said, “the fun, playful colours in Beci’s designs are the perfect fit for the Kester Black brand.”

“Beci is one of my favourite illustrators and having worked with her before, she was an obvious choice to collaborate with us on this project. We asked Beci to create a stunning design for our gift packaging to give it that ‘wow’ factor. We wanted the design to complement our premium products in a way that the people giving the gift as well as those receiving it get good vibes above and beyond the goodness of gifting, and we’re pleased to say she has delivered yet again!” - Anna Ross

And while we thoroughly discourage you from judging a book by its cover - we can confirm the contents of these gift sets are just as stunning as their exterior. Our limited edition liquid lipstick and matching nail polish sets give you the best of both worlds; a lush pigmented, super-lasting lippie, and a sleek, hyperreal nail polish to match.

Of course, they’re both vegan, cruelty-free, 100% carbon neutral and sustainably made. They contain organic ingredients wherever possible, and exclude the 10 nastiest of nasty chemicals traditionally found in nail polishes. But enough about their ethical qualities, let us introduce you to the shades, the glorious shades!

Self Preservation lipstick and nail polish gift set

Self Preservation

Flaunt your flower power in Self Preservation. The lipstick hydrates for a luscious pout while the matching nail polish glistens like rose petals dusted with morning dew.

Never Nude lipstick and exclusive matching nail polish gift set

Never Nude

This is a blushing barely-there shade that’s equal parts sweet and sassy. Exude rosy confidence in a fresh set of Never Nude nails and a flawless lip to match.

Pow Wow lipstick and exclusive matching nail polish gift set

Pow Wow

Va-va-voom. Pow wow lipstick packs so much bombshell potential. Apply with the matching nail polish (and some healthy caution) for some serious fireworks.

First Date lipstick and exclusive matching nail polish gift set

First Date

With pops of peach and hints of watermelon, First Date is a real sweetheart. When you want a flirty pink that’s a little juicy, this lip and nail combo makes the perfect pair.

Do Gooder lipstick and exclusive matching nail polish gift set

Do Gooder

A matte lippie with a mocha edge, Do Gooder plays nice even when you’re up to none at all. (We won’t tell Santa if you don’t.)

Pep Talk lipstick and exclusive matching nail polish gift set

Pep Talk

A punchy yet professional pink, Pep Talk reps confidence and charm. This fuchsia makes for a striking alternative to a bold red lip, and delivers Barbie dreamhouse decadence when worn on the nails.

Festive gift wrapping by Melbourne Illustrator Beci Orpin.

Kingles Covered

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