Kester Black supports: Go-To Skincare!

Feb 20 2018

Kester Black announces a collaboration with cult skincare brand, Go-To!

Go-To Skincare

At Kester Black we're big on creating positive change in the world. That’s why we’ve built social and environmental sustainability into every practice and process in our business. Our Kester Black Supports series shines a light on other individuals, businesses, and charities that are also going the distance to ensure our global future is a bright one.

If natural, cruelty free beauty products are your idea of heaven, you need to know about Go-To. This amazing Australian company is one of our absolute faves.

Their products are everything! They do great things for your skin. They're easy to use. They smell amazing. They have exactly zero irritants in them. They don’t include any weird pseudoscience claims (“Now 100% more Plumpifying!”….Um, yehright).

So, basically, Go-To's your skin's new bestie.

Go-To Skincare was founded by the inimitable and hilarious Zoë Foster Blake. Zoë’s an Australian beauty editor, blogger, and rather prolific author, having written many very good books including the best selling ‘Amazinger Face’. And to answer your question - yes, she is, in fact, a superhero.

Here's the really exciting bit!

Go-To and Kester Black have done a nail polish collab!

Introducing Epic Nail, the perfectly peachy nail polish that every person needs.

Go-To Skincare

Spend over $100 at Kester Black to receive Epic Nail as a gift with purchase. This baby is limited edition so best be quick. We're taking bets on how fast she'll set out!

(Offer no longer valid - sorry pals!)