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How to wear the lipstick shades on everyone’s lips.

products - January 16, 2020

And by everyone, we mean you! Many of you have asked us how we wear our favourite vegan, cruelty free Hyperreal Lipstick shades. And boy-oh-boy, do we have Pinterest-worthy lewks for you. We chose shades for this collection, knowing that with great pigment comes great responsibility. Wield them wisely or wildly – the choice is yours.

How to wear: First Date matte liquid lipstick

Peachy Queen

Peach undertones bring a liveliness to pink. Don’t be afraid to bring more fluorescent looks into the fold. Lean on First Date for a little inspiration.

How to wear: Never Nude matte liquid lipstick

Nudie Run

Nudes are never not going to be in fashion. So whether you’re mono-blasting neutral tones (wearing all nude everything) or mixing it up, Never Nude will bring dimension to your ‘fit.

How to wear: Pow Wow matte liquid lipstick

Red Alert

Red is a versatile colour which can be worn subtly (in darker shades like wine or saffron) or in bold accents. Choose your MO (modus operandi, for those playing at home) and live your own femme fatale fantasy. Pack some Pow Wow for good measure.

How to wear: Self Preservation matte liquid lipstick

Rosé Tinted

Dusky rose is sweet enough to wear daily. Team Self Preservation with model-off-duty looks like jeans and a plain-white tee, or use it to bring softness to edgier combinations.

How to wear: Pep Talk matte liquid lipstick

Pink Panther

This summer, fuchsia is back with a vengeance. We’ll see power suits, jump suits, swimsuits – SUITS FOR EVERYONE - all sporting this striking shade. Start the season strong, with Pep Talk.

How to wear: Do Gooder matte liquid lipstick

Smoke Signals

Let’s be honest, those Stevie Nicks witchy vibes are a mood. So if you’re not averse to precious stones, long wispy layers and smoky tones; Do Gooder might do your wardrobe a whole world of good.

Self Love Oil

Need a do-over?

Reach for the Self Love Oil. It’s handy for removing lipstick, unchapping lips, softening cuticles and starting afresh.

But, there are so many ways to work our Hyperreal lipsticks.

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