We've gone full luxe with our Soirée collection.

Jul 02 2018

You don’t need a pet superyacht or a cosy spot on the Forbes Rich List to live a luxe life with our latest collection.

Luxe Nails

Feeling boujee? Luxe nails are here, with our new collection Soirée.

Our latest collection is dripping in guilt-free opulence, and you don’t need a six-figure paycheck to play along. Black Diamonds and Champagne are making it rain.

It’s extravagance for the socially conscious.

Luxe nails need to Soirée.

Champagne: A toast to the lovers, the leaders, the ladies and gents who love the good things in life, this metallic bronze brings boujee straight to your fingertips.

Black Diamonds: A shower of shimmer on velvety black, Black Diamonds adds supernova sparkle to a jetblack base, and we’re here for it.

In celebration of the release of Champagne and Black Diamonds nail polish shades, Kester Black has created a selection of inspired and stunning campaign images with photography by Scott Newett and styling by Natalie Turnbull.

Our water permeable, breathable nail polishes are high-shine, chip-resistant and follow the 10-Free™ brand, providing a long-lasting manicure as kind to your nails as it is to the planet.