Christmas nail ideas for the girl who has it all.

Nov 28 2018

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice (we don’t judge), here’s how to get the perfect Christmas nails on everyone’s wish list this festive season.

Let’s be real for a second: Christmas is a pretty stressful time of year. Between end-of-year deadlines at work, sales season crowds at the shops, and an increasingly busy social calendar, squeezing in a little me-time can be a tall order. But it doesn’t have to be this way! While it’s easy to get caught up in finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, this holiday season we recommend taking a step back, a deep breath, and treating yourself to a little self-care. More specifically, self-care in the form of fantastically festive Christmas nails.

Whether you’re into chic takes on classics or your style is a little more sweet-as-a-sugar-plum, read on for the Christmas nail art and colour ideas that are sure to send you straight to the top of the ‘Nice’ list.

Mull over metallics

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Who says red wine is just for drinking? This Christmas we’re loving deep red hues both in our glasses and on our nails, and are setting them off the best way we know how: with a little glitz. For a rich, full-bodied flavour that goes well with anything, we recommend pairing Kester Black’s Narcissist with a playful streak of either of Frizzy Logic or Champagne, our picks of metallic shades for the season.

Play with the classics

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Some things – Mariah Carey Christmas carols, for example, or your grandma’s gingerbread cookie recipe – are best left untouched. Other things, like neutral nails, leave a little more room for interpretation. Instantly transform a classic nude base coat with a healthy dose of Champagne (the Kester Black nail polish, that is, though the bubbly kind is also a good idea) and turn your everyday mani into the perfect Christmas nails. How’s that for a versatile classic?

Top it with gold

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Like your Christmas tree, your nails are something that should probably be topped with something gold (and shiny). Be the star you wish to see in the night and gild the tips and bottoms of your nails with a dash of our Frizzy Logic metallic gold polish. Talk about a star with royal beauty bright. Just don’t blame us when people are following you around the party all night asking about where you got your nail art ideas from.

Make some shapes

…both on and off the dance floor. This Christmas we’re all about the geometric mani with a twist and shout: think tonal basics offset by an artfully placed beam of glittery light in the form of Champagne or Frizzy Logic. Striking the perfect balance between luxe and lively, our metallic shades make sure that the spotlight is always where it should be – on you.

Get deep

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Whatever you celebrate this time of year, it’s hard to deny that the holiday season has its own cosmic energy. Something about spending time with loved ones really gets you thinking: what is the true meaning of life? Are we alone in the universe? What does it all mean? Equally as hard hitting as each of these questions, our Black Diamonds holographic nail polish is the little black dress of Christmas nails – it carries its weight as part of a whole ensemble and it’s a cracker on its own.

Let your nails be merry and bright

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Channel the warm and fuzzy vibes this season with a gold-tinged mani that evokes some of your best yuletide memories: the glow that comes from spending time with loved ones, the halo of the angel on the top of your childhood Christmas tree, and the luminous lustre of first love under the mistletoe. Use a clear or neutral polish to create a solid base over your entire nail, then bedeck the lower half with a smooth curve of Champagne or Frizzy Logic.

Reignite the flame

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Christmas in the southern hemisphere may lack the roaring fireplaces described in so many carols, but we’re certainly no strangers to heat. Turn up the thermostat with an expressive set of fiery marbled nails that harness minimum effort for maximum effect. For best results, we recommend starting with a base coat of Narcissist and giving the top two thirds of your nails a coat of Frizzy Logic; use a dotting tool to marble the two shades together where they meet and you’re cooking with gas.