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Christmas gifting covered: How to nail it in one-two-three.

products - November 14, 2019

Mix and match nail polish gift sets are our antidote to Christmas prezzie panic! After all, why stress over gift-giving when you can make the whole exercise playful, personalised and kind to the planet?

Spooky season is over and all of a sudden Christmas decorations are in overdrive. That’s when it strikes; prezzie panic. Have I left it too late? Who do I really need to shop for? Why is wrapping paper so flipping expensive!?

It’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, especially when you’re trying to gift responsibly (and ethically). So this year, we’ve taken the stress out of gifting with mix and match nail polish packs, plus FREE gift wrapping (that you’ll want to plaster ALL OVER YOUR IG STORIES). And if you’re struggling with your shade selection, we’ve gone ahead and picked our favourite nail polish trios with a little holiday inspo.

Sunset Sessions: Violet, Rouge, and Paradise Punch.

Sunset Sessions

Christmas in the southern hemisphere means three things; long days, backyard cricket and stinking hot summer days. But it also calls for cocktails, beach days and late-nights on the town. So if you’re ready to embody the spirit of summer Down Under, pop these neon brights in your cart for Christmas. Separately they dominate as a classic red, playful purple and a vibrant orange made for sandals. But together, Violet, Rouge and Paradise Punch make for a delightful sunset swatch.

Peach Cobbler: Blossom, Tangerine Dreams and Impeachment.

Peach Cobbler

Keen on peach in all of its incarnations? Then you’ll adore a set of Blossom, Tangerine Dreams and Impeachment. Ranging from soft and sorbet-like to positively zesty, this trio is ready for everyday wear and then some. When in need of a neutral number, call upon Blossom. Impeachment plays well as a plus one to all your end of year parties. And don’t forget to spend Christmas Day in the iridescent presence of Tangerine Dream.

Mistletoe Mama: Pulp Fiction, Fairy Floss, and Barbie.

Mistletoe Mama

We think this set would perfectly suit the modern Mother Christmas. Sweet yet sultry, this collection combines the soft, dreamy qualities of Fairy Floss and the commanding presence of Barbie pink. Then when the lights are low, and the pudding’s all put away, Pulp Fiction shows its smoldering side - underneath the mistletoe of course. Worn together, this collection carries some serious candy cane potential.

Rosé All the Way: Petra, Tutu, and Petal.

Rosé All the Way

Just when you thought you’d see every shade of pink in existence, this set of blush bombshells rocks up to the party. Play it smooth and stylish with Petal, a dainty go-to for neutral nails every day. Or reach for rosé realness with Petra, a colour quite lovely on its own, but when tipped with Tutu accents boasts added flecks appeal.

Yuletide Charm: Champagne, Quartz and Narcissist.

Yuletide Charm

This Christmas, you won’t need to choose between sparkling and Shiraz, because this trio’s packing both. Sure, Champagne, Quartz and Narcissist mightn’t seem like companions on paper, but boy do they look like a Gatsby dream IRL. Pop the corks and dip your tips in all three of them for extravagantly vampy nails with a roaring ‘20s twist.

Coastal Christmas: Original Detox, Aquarius, and Periwinkle.

Coastal Christmas

All that family time might have you reeling. Rest assured, the calming powers of Aquarius, Periwinkle and Original Detox will carry you away. Live all your Little Mermaid fantasies in the dreamy, aqua of Original Detox, or dive deeper into the inky fathoms of Periwinkle; an almost black navy. But if the darkness is all too much, keep things light with Aquarius; a lilac blue that spreads tranquility sooner than you can say, ‘serenity, now’.

You choose with mix & match

Want to personalise your gift set with a colour combination that suits you to a tee? Then mix and match your own selection of three nail polish colours. Once you've made your selection, don't forget your complimentary (read: FREE) and totally ‘Gram-worthy gift-wrapping! Shop the mix & match gift sets, it's as easy as 1, 2 3!

Step 1: Add Gift Set Wrapping to your cart.

Step 2: Pick three shades you (know they’ll) love and add to your cart.

Step 3: Repeat as often as your little elf-heart desires.

And, like magic, the gift wrapping will be automatically discounted at the check-out!