Nail your Xmas pressies with these Kester Black stocking stuffers.

Nov 13 2018

Only give a gift if you’re happy to receive it yourself. That’s a saying, right? If not, it should be. Read on for our round up of stocking stuffers for the nail obsessed this silly season.

Christmas Gift Ideas

The holiday season is upon us again, which means now’s the time to fret over Christmas gift ideas and your bikini bod (which, by the way, you’ve definitely had all year round – get it, girl!). Instead of pondering the bitter irony of having to look your best in a time of year where all social gatherings seem to revolve around food or drink, why not get your Christmas shopping out of the way? Below, we’ve put together a list of essential Christmas nail colours for this season and given you a handy guide to the perfect gift for the nail obsessed, whatever your budget.

Whether you want to be naughty (and keep them for yourselves) or nice (and slip them into someone else’s stocking) is totally up to you. We won’t tell.

Under $20

Christmas gift ideas under 20 dollars

Ideal if you wanna pop some tags but have only got $20 in your pocket, our essential nail colours are all you need for the nail aficionada who already has everything else.

A sparkling exception to the rule that not all that glitters is gold, the Kester Black selection of glitzy shades is pure 24K magic. Gift Comet or Dasher to the girl (or boy!) in your circle who always likes to be the disco ball at the centre of attention, or Champagne or Frizzy Logic to the more discreet kickback queen or king. And for the co-worker you just drew for Kris Kringle, why not Black Diamonds? They’re as chic and mysterious as she is. For those who like things a little more classic, we suggest our luxe basics: Forest, Rouge, and Narcissist.

Better yet, forget about Girl Most Likely and just gift according to how you feel. It’s nail polish, after all – what could really go wrong?

Under $40

Christmas gift ideas under 40 dollars

Sometimes you’ve just got to think a little bigger. A real cracker of a Christmas gift idea, the Kester Black Bonbon takes two Kester Black breathable polishes and ties them all together with a little bow. No, really. It’s as irresistibly cute as your Christmas party outfit, and twice as fun.

Under $60

Christmas gift ideas

As Andy Warhol said, “One’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party”. And don’t we know it. Our 3-pack pairs two of our essential Christmas nail colours with our signature Kester Black Top Coat to get you in the swing of the silly season. Choose from two different colour ways: Comet/Periwinkle and Dasher/Petal.