A Little Bit Crafty

Kester Black has managed to make a sneaky appearance within the pages of the new (and very awesome) craft book by Frankie magazine! If you are a DIY kind of person, then this book will probably make your heart sing.
Effortless Summer Hairstyles

Some styles and cuts have really caught our eye, and have us standing in front of the mirror each morning trying to master the ridiculously complicated ‘effortless look’.
October 2014 Roundup

This month it seems to be the simplest of things that have been giving us good vibes, positive energy and inspiration.
Lucky Dip Sneak Peak

From Monday the 3rd of November, some very special things are going to happen for those of you who think Kester Black would make the perfect christmas gift for friends, family, and of course, for yourself.
Plants in Pots!

What's happening? Indoor potted plants, that's what. Keeping it green, cool and calm in homes all over the world, indoor plants are the simplest and loveliest way to keep your living and working space looking and feeling fresh.
Makeup Tutorial With Celeste Speziale

Not only did we want to share a few tips and tricks for mastering your daily makeup routine, we also couldn’t resist knowing more about the timeless industry of makeup art.
History of Soap

Yep, soap is what fascinates us these days, so we thought we’d share with you our recently acquired knowledge on Saponification (A.K.A soap making).
Sustainable Palm Oil?

We love big lush forests, happy orangutans and well-cared-for-workers. You wont find any palm oil in Kester Black products, so please enjoy!
Talking to Dawn Tan

We've asked Dawn a few questions about what inspires her, how she started out, and also what kind of superhero she would be!