New look Kester Black, OG formula.

Jun 12 2018

Nothing makes you feel like taking over the world like a whole new look. And we just got one! AND it comes just in time for some super exciting news.

So, you may have noticed your latest Kester Black polish looks a little different. Yep, we’ve had a makeover!

Our former logo is out, and it’s been replaced with a complete new personality - one that’s fresh, bold, design-led and fits us like a glove.

We’re hyped about our new look for so many reasons. For a start, we wanted our brand to reflect our playful personality, and to do that in some seriously good design. And for the first time ever, we have a complete brand - logo, website, imagery, colours - everything. We know who we are and what we do. But it’s been a journey, you know? Kester Black was founded by Anna, in her bedroom, back in 2012. It’s grown and grown, and we’re finally at a place where we’re big enough to say, ok, this is who we are and this is where we’re going.

Our new branding feels so right, for us, for right now, and for the future.

But why change the logo? We know there are loads of diehard fans of the old logo - and we get it, we loved it too. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye - and it’s not like we gave you any notice, so we understand the change was a surprise. Consider this your official introduction.

First things first...

What was wrong with the old Kester Black logo?

More than a few things, let us tell you.

For one, it was made for the polish bottles, and that’s it. It didn’t translate well to web, print or packaging. Which is a huge no-no because we like to look good everywhere. We can’t help it.

Our branding was incomplete. We didn’t even have any brand colours. C’mon, a colour brand with no brand colours? SMH.

If that’s not enough - and we know you’re going to feel this - the old website was designed by....Anna’s ex. Yeah. Plus, the business quickly outgrew the site and it kept crashing. Problematic, totally. But also possibly the best way to flex on your ex, amiright? We needed a new developer, and stat.

Anna knew that in order for her brand to grow up and move on, she needed a new website, and a complete new brand - for polish, for packaging, for print and for future products. So she did both at once; launching the new website and the new branding at the same time.

Okay, so talk us through the new branding.

We’re all about great design. So we found the best of the best to reimagine and recreate the new Kester Black look.

Our fresh new website has been designed and built by the incredible design team at General Studios. Go to their intro page and you just try not to hire them, we dare ya.

Our new branding is finally design-led, forward thinking and future proof. We’ve made it to last, y’all! And since the change, we’ve secured distribution internationally, in countries like Sweden, the Middle East, Malaysia, Italy and the UK. Because we’re not like the rest. We’re unique. We’re interesting. We’re different. In fact, we’re the first beauty brand in the world to adopt this sans serif logo.

So yes, our look has changed. But our formulation and philosophies haven’t. They’re still exactly the same. Still vegan, still cruelty free, still water permeable, still carbon neutral certified, still awesome.

What’s this about a Kester Black beauty line?!

Our new branding comes just in time for the launch of our colour cosmetics range.

You heard it here first folks! Kester Black is launching cosmetics!

Life is about 212% better with a coloured lip, so that’s where we’ll start. Completely vegan, cruelty free, and totes incredible, our liquid lipsticks are hitting the market later this year and we are fizzing to show them to you!