How To Apply the Perfect Polish

Wednesday 6 Jan 2016

The perfect mani… a mystery to many of us, a challenge for most. ‘Chipping’ is one of those words no one wants to hear after spending 10 minutes resisting the urge not to touch anything while our favourite varnish dries. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that our Nail Artiste friends have so generously passed along for your painting pleasure. Scroll down and enjoy. You’re welcome!

A big thank you to Sophie Drew from & Other Things blog for her fantastic work on all the accompanying imagery.


Step 1. Apply Kester Black Nail Cleanser to a cotton pad and wipe over each fingernail, to remove any oily residue. Our hair and nails are made from keratin so they produce natural oils. Every wondered why your polish chips more that your friends? This may point you to the answer!



Step 2. Using your favourite Kester Black colour, glide the brush over each fingernail, coating the surface from base to tip. We don’t recommend using basecoat unless you are using a dark coloured polish, it’s just another layer to chip.


Step 3. Apply a second layer of colour to each nail, covering any streaks from the initial coat. Give each coat 5 minutes to set.



Step 4. Seal your colour with a Kester Black Topcoat. Take extra care to cover the tips of your nails to avoid chipping and allow another 5 minutes for the finished product to dry.

tc-gif-small (2)

Step 5. To refresh and prolong your manicure, apply Kester Black Topcoat to just the tips of your nails every 2 days.


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