The nail art designs you need in your life this spring.

Nov 08 2018

Already treated yourself to some of our essential spring nail colours? Go girl. You’ve got the goods – now here’s what you need to do with them.

Don’t tell Phoebe Philo, but we’re getting a little sick of minimalism. Solid colours, neat matchy-matchy combinations, and saintlike restraint all have their time, and that time is winter. Let the colder seasons keep their layers and neutral tones; this spring we’re going full maximalist. Bring on the bold colours, the geometric designs, and the glittery details, because we’re calling it now: this season, when it comes to nail art designs, more really is more.

Read on to see how Kester Black can bring your most expressive nail art designs to life and help you keep a cool hand look all spring long.


Nail art designs pink

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Equally as thrilling as the mystery of the “dot dot dot” typing bubble on your mobile, dot-centric nail art is the time-strapped gal’s best friend. Give your nails a slick of 80’s neon pink with Arm Candy then go to town with a contrasting colour and a dotting tool. We like Pacman-style straight lines of dots to up the throwback ante, but your imagination is truly the limit with this simple - but sassy - style.


nail art designs

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Perfect for the Expressionist artist in everyone, curves are the ideal solution for when you just can’t decide what shade you’re feeling right now. Why stop at one? Imagine you’re looking at a Georgia O’Keeffe painting really, really closely and deck your nails out with a smooth, sensuous abstract design that changes from finger to finger. For extra punch use two shades of the same colour, like our The Future is Female and Raspberry pinks, and set them off with a lick of a colour from the other side of the colour wheel.

Hand painted flowers

Nail art designs flowers

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Florals? For spring? We know, how original. But hear us out for a second: these sure ain’t your grandmother’s florals. Great if you’ve got a steady pair of hands (or a dextrous, willing accomplice), hand painted flower details tap into the millennial affinity for all things good and green and give you a chance to show off your colour matching skills. Set the scene with a base of Lilac, then use your dotting tool to add some stylised flowers in pastel shades. Finish in the way you would any good cocktail: with a sprig of greenery.


Nail art designs geometric

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Geometric patterns are the one trend that never seems to go out of style. Look back on fashion and art history and you’ll see that geometry was tickling people’s fancy as far back as Euclid (literally). For an on-trend spring nail design we suggest using complementing colours to go for chevrons, which have the added bonus of making your nails look longer. For this one Violet, Fairy Floss, and French White are a match made in heaven, while a dash of Comet stops things from being too cutesy.

Santa Monica Sunset

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All we wanna do is have some fun. And we’ve got a feeling that we’re not the only ones. Dance your way down Santa Monica Boulevard with this sun-kissed nail art design that brings back daydreams of driving beneath palm trees with the top folded down. Start with an ombre base coat of Coral Blush, Lilac, and Impeachment and top with mini silhouette drawings of LA icons like palm trees and the Ferris wheel at Pacific Park.


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Whether you’re trying to suss out your horoscope, dreaming of another place, or simply staring contentedly out in space, everyone loves a bit of stargazing. Turn this hobby into a sweet nail art design with a spangle of star-shaped stickers in unexpected hues and glittery finishes. Pro-tip: to avoid looking like you’ve kitted yourself out for a national holiday, we recommend using off-beat colour selections like Luna and jazzing things up with stars in a darker shade of the same tone.