Choosing the right nude nail polish for your skin tone

Friday 16 Dec 2016

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Nude nails are timeless and exude understated class. Done right nude nails are a dependable manicure that complements any outfit from your black one-piece to your wedding dress. Finding the right nude for your complexion can be a delicate undertaking and getting it wrong is just… wrong indeed! Here are our simple tips to help you find the perfect shade to fit you like a snug Birthday Suit.

Get acquainted with your skin’s undertones in natural light. These can be warm (yellow or golden), cool (red, pink or blue) or neutral (a mix). Checking the colour of the veins on your wrist is one way to identify your skin’s undertone. If they look blue/purple you’re most likely cool-toned, if they appear greener you’re looking at warm-toned and if it’s difficult to tell you are probably neutral-toned.

Another good indicator is your jewellery. If your skin is complemented by silver jewellery you are cool, by gold you’re warm toned and if you look great in both you are neutral.

Matching you’re nude polish to your skin colour exactly is not the look you want to go for. Ideally, you want your nude to have a bit of pop and not to make your fingernails vanish altogether! Go a little dark or a little lighter than your actual skin tone to give a bit of contrast and colour to your nude manicure.

Fit guide to the Birthday Suit collection:

In the Buff – Soft, pretty and with a hint of pink In the Buff is ideal for warm undertones.


Bare – Creamy and pale Bare is barely there and works well on a cooler, fairer complexions.Bare-Spill-Nail-Polish_web

Bronzer – This crème caramel neutral works for a variety of skin tones and complements a slight tan.


Solarium – For the year round serious tanner! Solarium works for light to medium cool tones.


Spray Tan – With hints of walnut and dark chocolate Spray Tan works for darker cooler skin tones.


Brazilian – Dramatic and bold Brazilian pops on darker cool skin tone.


Once you’ve found your true match you’ll discover how flattering and versatile a nude polish can be.


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