red and blue nail polish
How to style your Rouge and Bleu

These primary colour beauties are so very classic that you could easily wear them as they are for a signature, single-colour winter style.
Je m’appelle Rouge & Bleu

For the love of freedom, liberty, and bold nails we've released two bold shades, Rouge and Bleu, to liven up your winter days.
Travelling to the Azores: Where the locals go

You might think it hard to find the perfect place where the thrill seekers, adventurers, eco-conscious travellers and low-key stress heads go to unwind. Glad to say, we found it for you.
Barbie Nail Polish Review

Who could have imagined all of your pink childhood fantasies could be bottled up in a nail polish. Our brazen pink shade, Barbie, has been sweetly indulged by our favourite Italian blogger, Habanero aka Angelina Cappadonna.